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    Jos Verwiel (dimanche, 13 décembre 2020 18:51)

    Je suis curieux pour le. Excuse. Engish: i am curious for your dry tuning. Your instruments sound beautifull on the MM. Do you tune the blocks really 100 % tthe same: A = 442 Hz. No cents difference all over the scale? Here they mostly tune with 2 cents up. Then it gives a kind of sweet hollow sound that I do not like. So I tape the second block to play only “ flute” My next accordeon I will order at your atelier! Kind regards from Les Pays Bas, Joseph Verwiel.

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    Joseph Verwiel (dimanche, 13 décembre 2020 18:52)


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    Marc SERAFINI (lundi, 14 décembre 2020 11:37)


    Personally I don't like the mini-swing of 2 cents because there are always notes which couple with certain pressures and it does not hold over time. But obviously it is the musician who chooses and anything is possible. On the other hand I tune in 440 and if you want 442 you have to remind me. There is no problem.

    Finally, I like the dry flute sound which is much richer than the flute sound alone because if the fundamental is tuned exactly the harmonics they are always a little different because the 2 reeds are never exactly the same. But again it's a matter of taste.

    Thank you very much