....The web site works and the Maugein PANDORE are here. But the others melodions arrives at the end of april  ....

Special start. One music book offered with an accordion order (book or method). Please tell me wich one in your order.

It is complicated to buy high quality diatonic accordions without delay

So I decided to design 2 ranges of diatos with 2 renowned manufacturers for a delivery of 2 to 5 days in Europe. With the French crafTsman MAUGEIN and the Italian MENGASCINI, I made the sound and ergonomic design of 2 ranges: MAUGEIN PANDORE and MENGASCINI MILONGA.


MAUGEIN's PANDORE range includes 4 models from 2 rows +2 / 8 basses to 3 rows 18 basses. These very light instruments (size 27x16.5 cm and Basses 2 voices without thirds to have a very handy lefT hand) have 2 voices flutes and flat keyboards. The recommended tuning is dry but it can be changed on request. Antonelli reeds tipo a mano.


The MILONGA range of MENGASCINI also offers 4 diatos, all in 2 voices bandoneon on right-hand and 3 registers (Flute / Bassoon / Bandoneon). They have a third register to the lefT thumb. Step keyboards. Antonelli reeds tipo a mano


To start with a good diatonic of Italian manufacture I propose the Z. To begin with a nice sound and a very light and handy instrument. Swing tuning (or other on request).


All diatos have standard layout that you will find on the ads. Modifications are possible according to the stocks of reeds I have available (I have for example reeds for Pignol-Milleret layout).


 You will also find belts, methods, micros, bags and second hand diatos.


Finally, SERAFINI accordions will be back in 2019-2020 with 2 models: New Sanfona (34/18) and New Darwin (34/24) do not hesitate to make pre-orders with the contact button at the bottom of the page.

For any custom order (other tone or different keyboard layout) contact me using the contact button at the bottom of the page.

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